Is Sewing Machine Oil Good For Guns?


No it’s not.

Sewing machine oil is a lubricant that is designed to keep sewing machines running smoothly.

It is not formulated to be used as a gun oil and may actually cause damage to your firearm.

Gun oils are typically made of mineral oil or petroleum distillates which are specially designed to provide lubrication and protection against corrosion.

Some also contain additives that allow them to function in extreme temperatures.

So while sewing machine oil may work in a pinch it’s not the best choice for keeping your guns in good condition.

Can You Use Sewing Machine Oil On A Gun?

No you cannot use sewing machine oil on a gun. Sewing machine oil is designed for use with sewing machines not guns.

Gun oil is designed to protect guns from corrosion and wear.

It also lubricates moving parts which helps keep the gun functioning properly.

Using the wrong kind of oil can damage your gun and affect its performance.

Can You Use Gun Oil As Machine Oil?

Yes. Gun oil is a type of machine oil.

In fact it’s a type of synthetic lubricant that is specifically formulated to protect firearms from wear and corrosion.

It is made up of a mixture of synthetic oils including mineral oil silicone oil and teflon.

Machine oils are also made up of a mixture of synthetic oils but they are designed for industrial machinery rather than firearms.

Both gun oil and machine oil work well as lubricants because they are made up of synthetic oils.

Synthetic oils are designed to resist oxidation and thermal breakdown which makes them ideal for use as lubricants.

They also have a low coefficient of friction which means they can easily coat metal surfaces and reduce the amount of friction between moving parts.

However machine oil is not as thick as gun oil and does not contain the same additives that gun oil does.

This means that it will not protect your gun as well from wear and corrosion.

It is also more likely to leak out of moving parts which can cause your gun to malfunction.

For these reasons it is best to use gun oil rather than machine oil in your firearm.