Can You Use Sewing Machine Oil On A Shredder?


No you can’t use sewing machine oil on a shredder.

The two products are designed for different purposes and using one in place of the other could damage your shredder. 

Sewing machine oil is typically made from petroleum-based oils and chemicals while shredder oil is usually biodegradable and made from vegetable-based oils.

The difference in composition means that sewing machine oil would likely clog up your shredder rather than lubricate it.

You should always consult your shredder’s manual before lubricating it to ensure you’re using the correct product.

Is Shredder Oil The Same As Sewing Machine Oil?

It can be but it doesn’t have to be.

Sewing machine oil is a light oil that is designed to lubricate gears and other moving parts in a sewing machine.

Shredder oil is generally a heavier oil that is designed to lubricate the cutting blades of a shredder.

That said there are many different types of shredder oils on the market so it’s possible to find an oil that is specifically designed for your type of shredder.

And if you can’t find an oil specifically designed for your shredder then sewing machine oil will probably do the job just fine.

What Oil Can I Use To Lubricate My Shredder?

The best oil to lubricate a shredder is vegetable or canola oil.

It is non-toxic and it will help keep the shredder running smoothly.